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"Oppressi Liberandi"

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T3’s objective is to ensure that clients are updated with fully integrated and regularly updated service and training packages.  T3 provides customized training packages for the enhancement as well as the establishment of specialized units to combat terrorism and criminal networks.  Programs vary in duration and scope and are provided by a multilingual instruction team that is able to adapt to specific client needs and budgets.  All courses are doctrine-based, and all training solutions are continually updated to ensure the highest degree of operational preparedness.

Law Enforcement/Security Training

T3’s experts have trained some of the world’s leading law-enforcement/security agencies.  The unique training and instruction concept developed by T3 is based on years of law enforcement training and covers a wide spectrum of subjects including counter-terrorism, and Border Management.  While effective, challenging courses and outstanding instructors are hallmarks of the trainings offered, the ability to plan and deliver tailor-made training programs is a source of pride for Tennessee Tactical Training. 

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Tennessee Tactical Training to provide exceptional instruction on all aspects of law enforcement/security service, based upon a strong foundation of integrity, service before self, coupled with an exceptional commitment to both the local community and the United States of America.

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