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Established in 1998, T3 was known for their interest in research projects that were both compelling and timely. While the central focus of T3 was the comprehensive study of the police use of deadly force, political and religious tensions around the globe have expanded T3’s consultancy to include providing customized training packages for the analysis of terror organizations and criminal networks. The programs vary in duration and scope and special supplemental courses are available to law enforcement, security, and private personnel. All consulting and training programs are target specific to security weaknesses, and training is evaluated and refined on a continual basis.

Group Training
Desert Training Unlike many training organizations, T3 is a research based, multi-disciplinary training and consultancy. The training and instruction concept developed by T3 is based on a comprehensive security background that incorporates all the essential elements to address diverse terror and other security threats. T3’s training represents a legitimate paradigm shift in thinking, addressing issues seldom addressed elsewhere. Through careful planning, preparation, and the targeted training of personnel, the objective at all times is to ensure a safe and viable operating environment. It is accepted that the extent to which security and law enforcement personnel are able to access and react appropriately to a perceived threat depends on the quality of their training.
The complexity and asymmetrical nature of today’s terror threats require enhanced effectiveness and efficiency from all agencies entrusted with such security. T3, which provides an uncompromised commitment to excellence, has assembled some of the world’s leading experts in security as advisors and consultants. On a global scale, all are uniquely qualified to offer advice and training in confronting the risks of international terror and crime.
Services We Provide

Firearms User and Instructor-Level Training In:

  • Firearms Training (All Facets)
  • Border Integrity and Management
  • Counter-Terrorism Consulting
  • Counter-Narcotics Programs
  • Maritime Security
  • Use of Force and Force Options
Consulting Services
Consultant to cities, states, and governmental agencies regarding the development, review, and implementation of use of force policies, law enforcement training programs and issues, response to critical incidents, and risk management.

Consultant to law enforcement and security agencies regarding the design and implementation of training programs, safety surveys and safety protocols; qualification standards; development and review of written departmental firearms and use of force policies; and the evaluation of specific use of force incidents and firearms related issues.

Expert witness services and litigation consulting: Expertise in issues including firearms use and training; law enforcement/security training and tactics; self-defense; negligent discharge of firearms; physiological and perceptual stress effects of lethal force encounters; reaction time, action versus reaction; justification for the use of deadly and non-deadly force; and knife threats.  Expert witness work is regularly performed both for plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, and for the defense in criminal cases.

***Case evaluations and reviews incorporate my police training, educational and practical experience along with an extensive review of the contemporary professional literature and identification of nationally recognized procedural guidelines and standards of care. ***
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